Enable instant, safe, affordable cold chain on ANY fleet.

Immediate deployment.
Regulatory compliant.
Competitive pricing.

Replace time-consuming, labor-reliant, capital-intensive means of cold chain implementation and operation with our suite of plug and play solutions.

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What We Do


We transform existing, non-refrigerated assets into temperature-controlled units for storage or transport within a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost.


We are Plug & Play and modular in form-factor, allowing you to leverage our solutions in virtually any distribution model, asset type, and various temperature ranges without modification.


We utilize autonomous control, optimization, and monitoring on our solutions via a central cloud, where vast amounts of data are analyzed to minimize labor reliance and eliminate human error.


Cloud connected, controlled, optimized, and monitored by our patented ATCS (Adaptive Thermal Control System).


Our solutions and services are built on the ATCS, an AI-based system that adapts to dynamic real-world, real-time variables that occur in logistics to eliminate human error by transferring the burden of integrity control to us.


Powered by a highly efficient, proprietary solid-state thermoelectric heat pump for frozen, chilled, and ambient temperature ranges.

Plug & Play Hardware

Our products are designed and built with modular, adjustable insulation panels integrated with our proprietary solid-state thermoelectric heat pumps. These products can be integrated and leveraged on various logistics assets without the need for asset customization or modification.


Designed specifically to empower, not to replace incumbent systems, and to ultimately eliminate loss and human error in your supply chain.

Tailored Software

Experience unprecedented visibility with key features built on a foundation of detection, analysis, prevention, and discovery to lower costs, maximize profits, minimize risk, and speed go-to-market through our mobile application, portal, and various API services.


Key Features


Instant Deployment

Under 30 minutes
  • Pre-assembled for quick installations.
  • No asset (vehicular) modifications.
  • Independent power supplies.
  • Connectivity enabled post-installation.

Safe Thermal Control

10 second monitoring intervals
  • Frozen, chilled, and ambient temperature ranges.
  • Humidity control functionalities.
  • Alerts, notifications, and prevention features.
  • No refrigerants, compressors or evaporators.

Affordable Pricing

Reduce cold chain OpEx by 68.75%
  • $0 up-front costs, and no installation fees.
  • Pay a capped fee once a month.
  • 30% revenue sharing for every API request and call.
  • No additional fees for power, maintenance or after service.

Environmental Impact

At Carnotfleet, we make a conscious effort to minimize our carbon foot print. The core philosophy behind all of our solutions and services is to eradicate barriers in cold chain implementation and operations. By providing accessibility to sustainable means of cold chain that are instant, safe, and affordable, we are striving to minimize the negative environmental impact of alternatives in the market.

In addition to our mission of eliminating perishable good loss that occurs in the first / middle-mile, we are actively partnering with other environmentally conscious partners to quantify our impact, provide value-added services, and ultimately lead to a greener future.


Fleet Managers


Provide cold chain enabled fleets and assets to your clients to expand verticals, scale, or off-set seasonal peak volumes with $0 up-front costs.

Fleet Owners


Minimize expenses by transporting perishable goods at 68.75% the cost of operating conventional TRU's / TCV's all without the burden of temperature management.

Supply Chain Managers


Minimize your reliance on labor pools, optimize your fulfillment processes, reduce touch-points, and eliminate 11% of losses that occur due to human error.

Solutions Providers


Tap into our comprehensive, proprietary data / services to optimize your solutions, differentiate your offerings, and meet cold chain specific customer demand via simple API calls.

Buyers / Sellers / Distributors


Leverage our intelligence solutions to not only track the integrity of your products, but also streamline costs, eliminate risk factors, speed go-to-market and maximize your revenue.

Do you build / operate / manage / deploy or leverage

Autonomous Vehicles

Our solutions provide you with the fastest, safest, most cost-efficient way to store, transport, or deliver high-yielding temperature-sensitive goods. See how you can expand your revenue and bottom line by partnering with us.